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Munix Scissors

MVR 40.00MVR 70.00

This pair of scissors from Kangaro comes with stainless steel blades and is highly resistant to corrosion. These blades also stay sharp for a long time and prevent constant sharpening. This product is also lightweight and very convenient to use. It includes a high impact ABS handle and can be used with both hands.

Yijianmei Scissor

MVR 15.00

Stainless steel blades cut smoothly.
4-inch long handle, compact, lightweight, good grip
Two-tone ABS plastic handle, cute and beautiful
Specially designed for both left-handed and right-handed users.
Suitable for cutting paper Or other materials As appropriate
Suitable for crafts, decorations and various
Handle color: purple / pink / blue
Product size (length): 4 inches (10 cm)
Material: Plastic + Stainless steel

Elephant Scissor

MVR 25.00

Perfection from Soft Rubber Grip giving softness while using
Spectacular design , very strong and durable stainless steel
Suitable for office and household usage

Brand: Elepahnt
Size: 152.4mm (6′)
Material: Stainless + Plastic

Rigang Cutter Blades Big

MVR 30.00

Standard blade size : 9 mm.
Compatible with cutter knife models : S-901
Blade Angle : 45 degree
The number of the times to break the blade : 12 times
Contains : 6 blades / tube

Elephant Spare Blades Small

MVR 15.00

SK-5 Grade steel blade
Standard blade size : 18 mm.
Blade Angle : 45 degree
The number of the times to break the blade : 14 times
Contains : 10 blades / tube

Rigang Knife Cutter

MVR 30.00

Knife RG-800 – used for smooth cutting of various types of films and other materials before gluing them. The core is made of steel, the housing is conveniently shaped in plastic. The knife is compact, easy to use and store, which makes it a popular tool for working with films. Comes complete with a segmented stainless steel blade.

Elephant Cutter Knife

MVR 20.00

Cutter model P-903 9 mm. Elephant brand. This cutter also comes with an Auto lock system that helps prevent danger when in use. This cutter will make your work work efficiently. The elephant brand economy cutter comes with a simple design and flashy colors. And the SK5 blade is a good quality blade made from High carbon steel, tough and flexible Can cut paper and other objects well The handle of this cutter is made from good grade plastic. Highly durable The blade is inclined at an angle of 45 degrees and has a length of 9 millimeters

Elephant Cutter

MVR 20.00

High quality stainless steel body
SK 5 blade made from high quality carbon steel with Japanese technology
Durable and flexible with trendy design

Infinity Cutter

MVR 20.00

Infinity INF-PC308P Auto-Lock Paper Cutter
Brand: Infinity
Color: Multicolor
Model No: INF-PC308P
Product Type: Paper Cutters

Zenith Cutter

MVR 8.00

Blade made from high carbon steel for better cutting & long life. Finest cutting edge technology. Plastic body made of ABS with locking & griping facility for comfortable handling. Mainly used in paper industries & stationery field.