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Faber-Castell Ball Pen

MVR 6.00

The Ball Pen 1423 is a classical ball pen with a ventilated security cap. Of course it provides smooth writing properties and a high colour intensity ink for perfect writing results. Point Size : 0.5 mm.

Piano Flawless SIP

MVR 6.00

Oil-based ballpoint pen “Piano Flawless”, transparent case with a pattern, color transparent cap, rubber holder, needle tip, writing tip thickness 0.7 mm.

Cello Maxriter Pen

MVR 5.00

Maxriter Pen is an Exam Special Pen which is preferred by students. Its light weight body enables student to write for long time without pressure on fingers and wrist.

Soft and Smooth writing German technology Fine Swiss Acutip
It allows a uniform ink flow
Easy flow system Hi-tech designs No smudging Elasto Grip
Gives a good and comfortable grip while writing

Cello Pin Point Pen Black

MVR 5.00

Pin Point Pen is preferred by students as it is a Exam Special Pen. It’s unique elasto grip and a lightweight body makes it easy to write with comfortably for a long time. Use it to make writing exams a pressure-free experience. It has a tip of about 0.7mm

Unique elasto grip to write comfortably
Orbit tip (0.5mm) give fine writing
Lubriflow ink system gives ultra smooth writing
Tip Size : 0.5 mm Type : BALL PENS

Piano Color

MVR 8.00

Automatic pen with the possibility of changing the refill. Rubberized, plastic body with plastic clip. Ribbed grip area for greater writing comfort. Housing color: assorted.

Writing color: Blue Writing
thickness: 0.5 mm
Grip area: Yes
Ink type: Gel

Piano Track

MVR 6.00

Ballpoint pen: oil-based: “Piano”, white plastic case with a pattern — thin horizontal strip, rubber holder, transparent cap with color clip, needle tip, ink-blue color.

Faber-Castell CX7 Pen

MVR 10.00

CX7 ballpoint pen, 0.7 mm. The CX ball pen provides smooth writing properties and a high colour intensity, waterproof ink for perfect and smudge-free writing results. Full colour foil printed barrels provides higher perceived value

Faber-Castell CX Colour

MVR 10.00

Great value hybrid ink ballpoint pen with vibrant coloured inks and smooth writing experience.

Hybrid ink combines the best of traditional ballpoint ink with the virtues of gel ink – smooth, fast-drying, vivid colour, starts writing immediately every time. Perfect for left-handers!

Quantum Gelo Plus Spirit

MVR 6.00

Capped ballpoint pen. Ultra Low Viscosity Gelo Plus ink for smoother writing. Pen point is made of Nickel-Silver and Ball point is made of Tungsten Carbide facilitating durability, broken tip prevention, and skip-free writing.

Smooth writing and graceful feeling.
Soft rubber Grip Zone for contoured handling.
Oil-based ink for deep color and smear proof after use.

Quantum Blue

MVR 10.00

The handle is coated with rubber on the handle, which tightens the hands while writing. The pen tip is made of durable nickel silver, strong and durable.
Point type: 0.7 mm.

Quantum Gold

MVR 25.00

Point Size : 0.7 mm.
Gelluloid Plus Ink Technology which performs the best result of more smoother writing and more fast dry.
High-Precision Tip which is more durable and performs a beautiful hand writting.
Grip Zone which is the exclusive design only for Quantum, is soft and comfort when holding.

Quantum Pen

MVR 5.00

Ultra Low Viscosity ink for smooth writing.
The nib is made from Nickel silver, strong and durable.
Rubber grip for hand pain relief while writing.
Line size 0.7 mm.