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Quantum Blue

MVR 10.00

The handle is coated with rubber on the handle, which tightens the hands while writing. The pen tip is made of durable nickel silver, strong and durable.
Point type: 0.7 mm.

Quantum Gold

MVR 25.00

Point Size : 0.7 mm.
Gelluloid Plus Ink Technology which performs the best result of more smoother writing and more fast dry.
High-Precision Tip which is more durable and performs a beautiful hand writting.
Grip Zone which is the exclusive design only for Quantum, is soft and comfort when holding.

Quantum Pen

MVR 5.00

Ultra Low Viscosity ink for smooth writing.
The nib is made from Nickel silver, strong and durable.
Rubber grip for hand pain relief while writing.
Line size 0.7 mm.