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Nieki 2B Pencil Set

MVR 20.00

Darker shade easily read by Exam Sheet Scanner.
6pcs Superior quality 2B degree of darkness lead for examination shading.
2.5 mm lead diameter ensures faster shading coverage & minimise breakage & flaking.
Free sharpener, eraser and protective cap.

Pencil Lead 2B

MVR 10.00

Micro Carbon lead glides smoothly across paper, producing dark lines. It is highly flexible and thus break-resistant. The lead is also environmentally friendly, composed of more than 90% natural raw materials. Plus, it is produced using unique ecologically-responsible manufacturing processes without PVC or softening agents.

Chosch Mechanical Pencil

MVR 10.00

The smart choice for standardized tests, note-taking, and other everyday writing tasks, the smooth-writing.
CHoSCH Mechanical Pencils never need sharpening. The lead advances with a simple click on the top, so you’ll always enjoy a sharp, fresh writing point. The HB leads write smoothly, resist smudging, and erase cleanly to help keep your work looking tidy.

Line Size: 0.5mm