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Rigang Cutter Blades Big

MVR 30.00

Standard blade size : 9 mm.
Compatible with cutter knife models : S-901
Blade Angle : 45 degree
The number of the times to break the blade : 12 times
Contains : 6 blades / tube

Artline Fine liner Pen

MVR 13.00

This Artline 220 Fine liner Pen features a super fine plastic tip which makes it a great option for stencils and lettering guides. The pen contains instant drying, water proof and blur proof ink making it suitable for a variety of uses.

Dot to Dot – By The Sea

MVR 15.00

This series of Dot to Dot Books, which comprises specially drawn dots with numbers in sequence, is a gentle approach to drawing of animals and objects. Joining dots to form pictures is a creative way of teaching young children to draw. Besides having fun, children learn to cultivate educational skills such as drawing, colouring and numbering.

18 pages – Two colors
Book size : 185 x 255mm

Scrabble Original

MVR 115.00

Educational: The scrabble toy can effectively training your vocabulary knowledge, owning good educational function for children.
Promoting relationship in group: The scrabble toy needs about 2-4 people to get in the game, which is a good group toy to promoting relationship between children and parents, family, friends and so on.
Portable: The scrabble board can be folded into compact size. So the scrabble toy is portable, convenient to carry out, not occupying much storage space.
Durable: The scrabble chess is made of high quality plastic material, wear resistant and durable, owning long using life span.

Suitable for : 10+ Years
Type : Board Game
Game For: 2 – 4 Players

4 Letter Rack
1 Cotton Title Bag
100 Letters
1 Playing Board
1 User Manual

Faber-Castell CX7 Pen

MVR 10.00

CX7 ballpoint pen, 0.7 mm. The CX ball pen provides smooth writing properties and a high colour intensity, waterproof ink for perfect and smudge-free writing results. Full colour foil printed barrels provides higher perceived value